Case Study: Mr. Mortgage

  • Created by:
    Chris Garcia, Hari Lamichhane
  • Completed on:
    October 31st 2019
  • Skills:
    PHP / SEO / AngularJS
  • Client:


Mr. Mortgage is a full-service real estate brokerage and mortgage lending firm in Los Angeles. It offers a variety of services including first time home buyer purchase programs; short sale; foreclosure prevention; relocation; real estate investment, as well as providing financing for purchasing new homes, or refinancing existing mortgages.


As homeownership and investment opportunities increase throughout LA County, Mr. Mortgage needed a more efficient, digitized way of managing their loan application intake process. During peak season, the team at Mr. Mortgage was getting back-logged with leads and losing potential clients - all because data was too easily lost in email clutter, and follow-ups, therefore, couldn’t take place.


Creating a digital control center with custom workflows has helped Mr. Mortgage process more loan applications. Now, when site visitors submit their loan application, the Mr. Mortgage management team gets notified via text and email. A follow-up activity is then created and placed in the CRM’s “To-Do-List” until staff completes the follow-up.

Capture data from the frontend (Website)
Automatically syncs to the backend office (CRM)

Beyond the Website: Custom CRM Fields

Capturing unique business data by storing it in custom fields. Taking analytics to the next level.

Mr. Mortgage’s team didn’t want to miss any more opportunities. They also wanted to make sure that decisions are data-driven using unique data-sets relevant to their business. By creating custom fields (that aren’t available by default) such as “Current Loan Amount” and applicant's “Credit Score” on the backend, they’re now able to query data on the fly and analyze information to make better decisions.

Since moving their online operation over to CampaignRep, we have been able to automate hours of Mr. Mortgage’s administrative tasks saving them thousands of dollars, while also increasing their volume of loan applications using SEO and Lead Generation funnels. Mr. Mortgage uses their monthly “support hours” primarily for SEO tips and strategy sessions, as well as discovering the best ways to increase lead flows, and undertaking digital marketing throughout the Los Angeles area.

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