Case Study: Hired & Hopeful

  • Created by:
    Chris Garcia
  • Completed on:
    December 30th 2019
  • Skills:
    CRM / MySQL / AngularJS
  • Client:


Founded in 2019, Hired + Hopeful Los Angeles (HHLA) is a cross-sector collaborative that activates partnerships; facilitates the exchange of promising practices, and is an advocate for systems and policies that increase employment and economic security for people with lived-homelessness experiences.


As a new organization, Hired + Hopeful needed a website design that captured the opportunities the organization provides its stakeholders. They not only needed a great looking website but a web portal that captures crucial data like employer pledges, HHLA event participants and employee applications, in order to highlight the need for future funding.


A clean and soft front-end web design was created that captured the organization's brand and mission for providing hope and relief for those with lived-homelessness experiences. Custom web-forms were also created to capture employer pledges, employee information, and newsletter subscription requests.

Easily create and manage bulk email lists.

Beyond the Website: Branded Email Templates

The power of creating and reusing templates, personalizing emails and measuring statistics.

HHLA relies on its web portal for querying different demographics and stakeholder affiliations. They created dozens of lists from imported excel data, right into their CRM system for deep-data analysis and mass-mailing communications. They not only branded emails but also PDF letter templates for mass printing of personalized letters using traditional post office mail.

HHLA uses its Mass Emailing software to communicate with local elected officials about the work they are doing, along with other important issues affecting the homelessness population across LA County. Using the tracking tab has been very useful in monitoring the response rate on emails. With this feature, they are able to track which links have been clicked and which emails were opened.

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