Article #2 - Review Your Organization Information

Article #2 - Review Your Organization Information

Your Portal needs an identity. Internet standards require this when sending mass emails to prevent spam and also when creating invoicing or receipts if you decide to take donations. In this tutorial we'll review and modify this information.


Step 1: From your Backoffice click the "Administer" tab located at the top navigation bar. Highlight the "Communications" link and select the "Organization Address and Contact Info" link. 


Step 2: Review the information on this page. 
Notice in the "System-generated Mail Settings" that a default "FROM Email Address" has been provided for you (ex: LEAVE THIS AS IS so that the mass emails that are sent out ensure a signed digital signature and do not end up in SPAM folders.

Step 3: If you do not have a "Default Organization Address" then leave the default company address for in the address box: 476 N Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90004. If you do have an address for your organization you can enter it here.

Step 4: Hit "Save" when you finish reviewing this information.